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Safety Tips for Young Women

As my daughter became a young woman – I advised her on the importance of self defense. Yes, for young women, because most older women …

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How to Get Rid of a Stalker

If you have such problems as someone constantly following you, turning up unexpectedly in numerous places, sending copious e-mail or text messages, sending offensive or …

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Safety for Seniors Begins at Home

It’s true that with advancements in health people are living longer than ever before. Many seniors today are living active, robust lives. As we get …

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Bill to Combat Sexual Violence on College Campuses Receives Widespread Support

For Immediate Release April 15, 2011 Contact: S. Daniel Carter (202) 684-6471   “I have listened to and worked with many students who are finding …

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Seven Tips For Campus Safety

Know your surroundings and trust your instincts. Keep phone numbers of campus safety in your cell for emergencies. Lock your door.  Do not loan your …

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Commit a Minute

Safety doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It’s often the little things such as touring your home for safety hazards from your child’s …

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Pamela Anderson, a Stalker, and Pepper Spray – who won?

Pamela Anderson, a Stalker, and Pepper Spray – who won? News from England, a country where regular citizens (or “subjects” as the queen calls them), …

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Use Your Car Alarm for Home Security!

You don’t have a home security system? No problem! Just remember one thing when you drive home tonight, take your car keys to bed with …

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Jogging With Pepper Spray

I got an email from a reader who became concerned about safety when a neighbor was attacked on an evening jog. This lady jogs the …

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Tips for the Single Who Likes to Mingle

It’s Saturday evening, people are making plans to get out and be social. Maybe you’re heading to a favorite pub or night club or even …

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5 Ways to Become A Safer Woman

I’m going to get right to the point today. Our Safety First Saturday topic is geared towards them women. But if you are a man, …

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How To Use Pepper Spray In Defense

If you and all of your loved ones aren’t carrying pepper spray right now then shame on you. Pepper spray is one of the easiest …

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What A Store Manager Learned The Hard Way

What is the one thing that criminal is looking for? Opportunity. They don’t want to get tangled up in a messy show of their ignorance …

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Tips while teaching your kids about Self defence techniques

Any child will feel confident and strong if he is taught self-defence techniques, but this should be coupled with further knowledge so your children are …

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Gifts for Keeping Mothers Safe!

If you are like most of the humans on this earth, your mother is one of the most if not the most important person in …

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Child Safety and Personal Security

One of the great qualities of children is also a cause for concern for parents and loved ones. Children tend to develop a natural trust …

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Women’s Emergency Safety Kit

If your like most Americans, your days begin early and end late. We are on the go each and every day, literally flying by the …

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Michigan Pepper Spray

Most people don’t realize that pepper spray and Mace are legal in all U.S. states. With that said there are a few states that have …

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Advantages and disadvantages of using pepper spray

The biggest advantage of defense sprays is their ability to keep an assailant at a safe distance from the intended victim while disabling them and …

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Surveillance Cameras Solve Residential Crime Fears

Just a few short years ago the thought of purchasing and installing residential surveillance cameras was far fetched to say the least. Surveillance cameras and …

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