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Surveillance Cameras Solve Residential Crime Fears

Just a few short years ago the thought of purchasing and installing residential surveillance cameras was far fetched to say the least. Surveillance cameras and equipment were simply too expensive for most homeowners. Not to mention you either needed to be an electrician or pay one to install it for you. If you did get it installed, maintaining the system was often troublesome. Well, fast forward till today and the thought of installing a camera system in a residential home is both affordable and desirable. In fact, we believe that in a few short years residential surveillance will be as popular as a home security system. Many of the large home security companies are actually beginning to package home security and residential surveillance into a ‘bundle’ service.

The idea of being able to effectively monitor your residence 24/7 offers peace of mind to the everyday homeowner. All of a sudden the choices are many, dependability is excellent, and prices to meet every budget.

If you find yourself on a tight budget, consider purchasing a fake or “dummy” camera. They look just like the real thing and serve as an excellent crime deterrent. The price of these “dummy” cameras starts at about ten bucks. Consumers looking to monitor a specific area or need discreet surveillance should consider a hidden camera. Many hidden cams are now equipped with built in DVR and available in wireless. This means you have everything you need to capture and record what’s going on.

For those residential customers who have a need to monitor multiple areas you can easily find a customized system to meet your needs. Most wired and wireless complete systems have opening price point systems that include 4 cameras, the LCD monitor, the DVR and allow necessary components. Choose FairXchange Spy Cams.com for all you camera needs.

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