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How To Use Pepper Spray In Defense

If you and all of your loved ones aren’t carrying pepper spray right now then shame on you. Pepper spray is one of the easiest and when used properly most effective self defense tools available.

But self defense products are much more than buying a pepper spray and handing it over. It’s very important to know how to use it should you be attacked.

The first thing you want to do is pick the right pepper spray for you. Here are some choices:

– keychain pepper spray: usually small in size, around 1/2 oz, has a keychain for carrying on you keys, approximately 8 foot range and contains 5 one-second bursts

– keychain pepper spray in leatherette or molded holster: same features as the one above with a holster of your choice

– home models: anywhere from 2-9 ounces an they vary in range. Good to keep near doors or other entrances to your home

– car models: include usually a smaller pepper spray about a half ounce and include a visor clip for easy storage and accessibility

– disguised models: made to look like a lipstick case, pen or even jewelry that actually contains pepper spray


The next step is to get familiar with your pepper spray. Inspect it, hold it in your hands, practice the motions of picking it up and pointing at an attacker. Just get comfortable with it and trust that it will protect you.

Now let’s imagine you are attacked. Before the attack happens your pepper spray should already be in your hand or easily accessible. You should not be digging through your purse or searching around for it.

Most pepper sprays have a safety. And usually the safety is also part of the actuator or sprayer. You’ll want to turn the safety off and then immediately point the pepper spray directly at an attacker’s face and press down on the actuator. It really is that simple.

The more directly you hit someone in the face, the more effective the pepper spray will be.

Pepper spray will do the following to your attacker instantly:
– cause their eyes to slam shut
– deep, heavy coughing/choking
– irritation of the nose, mouth and throat
– a burning sensation
– mucous membranes will swell

These effects will give you more than enough time to escape.

Finally, if you’re someone who has to “see it” to believe it, do one favor for me…spray a tiny amount of pepper spray on your finger and rub around your eyes, nose or mouth. Then email me your reaction!


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