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Jogging With Pepper Spray

I got an email from a reader who became concerned about safety when a neighbor was attacked on an evening jog.

This lady jogs the beach every day after work around 6pm. Up until the time change it was always light outside during her run.

The other night she made her way down to the beach, turned on the iPod and started her 2 mile route.

So it was dark, she had earphones in, the music cranked-up, and no one was around…or so she thought.

During her cool-down a man grabbed her from behind and tried to force her to the ground. She never even heard him coming.

Luckily she was able to fight him off and run for help.

I immediately suggested the Mace Hot Walkers. They are 1lb walking weights with a secret weapon…Pepper Spray. Just point the weight at an attacker’s face and shoot! You even get one Free replacement canister.

Pepper Spray Walking Weights

Don’t get caught unprepared. Or you could be running for your life.

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