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Michigan Pepper Spray

Most people don’t realize that pepper spray and Mace are legal in all U.S. states. With that said there are a few states that have restrictions on the pepper spray or mace formula. Michigan is one of the states that imposes specific restrictions on the pepper spray formula. Specifically, residents of Michigan can purchase pepper spray or Mace but the concentration can be no stronger then 2%. If purchasing tear gas, only CS tear gas is legal and can be no larger then 35 grams per unit.

The Michigan pepper spray restrictions emphasize how little most know about pepper spray. Clearly, the 2% restriction was put into place to limit the potency of the formula that could be purchased by civilians. Most would be surprised if I told them that Fox Labs makes a pepper spray product that is a 2% formula at an amazing 5.3 million heat units. It is 100% legal in Michigan, and the absolute most potent spray manufactured. This is the Mace Michigan Approved PepperGard spray used by thousands of police and law enforcement professionals nationwide.

Seeing the need for legal pepper spray products in Michigan, Mace created and now manufactures a potent Michigan legal pepper spray. They also meet the needs of consumers who would rather a tear gas defense product.

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