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Pamela Anderson, a Stalker, and Pepper Spray – who won?

Pamela Anderson, a Stalker, and Pepper Spray – who won?

Pamela Anderson, stalker, and pepper spray saga

News from England, a country where regular citizens (or “subjects” as the queen calls them), like you and I, are not allowed to carry pepper spray. Yes, pepper sprays in all shapes and forms are banned in England, one can not buy pepper spray in England. Arguably only Police can handle pepper spray cans.

Especially when they have to defend a celebrity and a former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson. She was in England performing at various venues. After her performance in the “Alladin” show, where she played Genie, she boarded a train in Liverpool. An unnamed suspect, allegedly her stalker, also boarded the same train. And then …

Pamela Anderson, 43, moved along the carriage as the alleged stalked appeared to approach her after following her on board.

The Police says that he’s been following her to different venues since she arrived in England. The man is said to have been warned previously to stay away from the star.

Eventually police was called and the cops had to subdue the guy with pepper spray after he resisted arrest.
It worked like a charm.

A witness said: “A load of them jumped on him and sprayed him before hauling him off by his arms and legs.”
Pammi looked terrified as four officers carted the long-haired 21-year-old, dressed all in black, along the platform at Liverpool’s Lime Street station.

It all worked out great for Pamela Anderson. Good for her! But if do not rely on four police officers readily available to take care of your stalker — just go buy pepper spray and carry it at all times. You’ll be much better off and safer too. Even if you do look like Pamela and attract stalkers but do not have her star power, to attract police officers everywhere you go.

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