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Advantages and disadvantages of using pepper spray

The biggest advantage of defense sprays is their ability to keep an assailant at a safe distance from the intended victim while disabling them and stopping the attack. Most defense sprays have a range of 8 to 12 feet and will stop an attacker within seconds. Mist and fogger sprays make it possible to lay down a protective barrier which the assailant must pass through to get to the victim. They are also small, easy to carry, non-lethal, and leave no permanent affects. They are easy to use. You simply point and shoot. There is no long-term or continuous training required and no psychological fear of hurting someone. Disadvantages would be that the user may be affected by the spray especially in windy conditions. You do not want to spray into the wind. Quality and effectiveness vary between brands and accidental discharge is always possible. It is illegal in a few jurisdictions and can’t be taken into airlines or in luggage. Overall the OC defense spray is the best non-lethal self defense device available. For one thing, if a spray is mistakenly used against a resident there are no permanent consequences. A simple apology makes things right. Also, spray doesn’t have a server danger of a firearm if a curious child gets a hold of it.

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