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Tips for the Single Who Likes to Mingle

It’s Saturday evening, people are making plans to get out and be social. Maybe you’re heading to a favorite pub or night club or even a good sports bar to watch your favorite team.

Whatever it is you’re engaging in this weekend, here are some tips to keep you safe:

– Let someone know where you’re going or what your plans are. If anything happens, at least someone knows where to start looking for you.

– Park in well-lit, highly traveled areas.

– Stick together. A group, even just 2 people, is a harder target for criminals. If you do seperate, set a specific time and place to meet.

– Watch your drink. If your drink is out of sight for any time, throw it away and get a new one. It only takes a second for someone to spike a drink.

– Know your limit if you consume alcohol. If you are suddenly intoxicated after only a couple drinks, get help or find someone you trust immediately.

– Do not drink and drive. Call a cab. You will save yourself the legal trouble and you aren’t risking anyones life.

And always carry a self defense tool. Even if it’s a small pepper spray, it could save your life.


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