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Tips while teaching your kids about Self defence techniques

Any child will feel confident and strong if he is taught self-defence techniques, but this should be coupled with further knowledge so your children are truly benefited by learning them.

Let them know when to use it

Children who learn self-defence techniques can get carried away with the confidence it gives them and at some point, they may use the techniques to do more harm than good. So, let your children know when they should put their knowledge to use so they can be better individuals.

Help them develop the right attitude

A positive attitude will help wade through the toughest of situations, but at times, there is a need for more and that is when self-defence techniques come to play. Working on one while letting go the other will not help the child develop in the right manner.

Teach them how to manage anger

It is one think to learn self-defence techniques and another to feel provoked at the smallest issue thinking it is worth defending. Anger can cause havoc and irreparable damage in a matter of seconds. Teach your child how to tame the anger in him so that this new technique remains purely to defend against bullies

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