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Women’s Emergency Safety Kit

If your like most Americans, your days begin early and end late. We are on the go each and every day, literally flying by the seats of our pants. Just not enough time in the day to get it all done. There are a few things in our life that are critical to all others and personal security should definitely be at the top.

Safety, security, peace of mind, a sense of well being; these are all thoughts that come to mind when I think about protecting myself and family. We can cut corners on lots of things, but not on safety, not today, never! At the top of it all is women’s safety, after all, the majority of crimes are committed by men and against women. For me, knowing that my wife and daughter are safe and secure is priceless.

Recently, we put together one of many new Emergency Safety Kits, this one is focused on women’s safety. The Women’s Emergency Safety Kit includes everything a lady needs to protect herself. This is a comprehensive kit, not only does it include premium self defense products like pepper spray, home and personal security alarms, but it an instruction manual, a series of women’s safety reports, and a personal training/demonstration DVD. With the DVD you will learn how to use each safety product correctly.

The Women’s Emergency Safety Kit is equipped with the following items:

(1) – ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Leatherette Holster
(1) – Lipstick Pepper Spray
(1) – Diversion Safe – Book
(1) – Electronic Pocket Whistle
(1) – 130dB Personal Alarm with Light
(1) – Instructional Manual
(6) – Special Safety Reports
Instructional DVD
All batteries included Products

This is the most comprehensive women’s safety kit available and a must have for every female. For more information regarding this kit visit, Safety Kit for Women

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